Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Anthem Prototype

A lot of casts add their own flavor to their performance. One of the things a lot of casts do is a rocky horror chant, pledge, or anthem with various crowd interactions intertwined in them.

It's done so much because it accomplishes a lot of things. The crowd gets involved, people get used to the idea of talking in a theater, and it make the experience of seeing that cast more memorable.

I've been working on our anthem, and this is the prototype:

'Everyone stand in the air for the Powerful and Irrational Rocky Horror Anthem, and repeat after me

Rocky Horror Virgins and Sluts
We Gather here to sit on our butts
To be aroused, To yell shit loud, To have a good time, hell we paid ten bucks

From the soles of our feet, to Riff Raffs Creep
From Eddie's Vest to the nipples on our chests
We promise to echo All the shit we heard last show

Until we say goodbye
Absolute pleasure until we die

Keep in mind this is a rough draft, and it may be changed, or scrapped completly, I just wanted to get it out there for suggestions.

Also for the last line I'm thinking about getting ride of that and going straight into "give me an R...etc"

Leave comments and let me know what you think.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Very Rocky Christmas Season

Greetings Rocky Fans,

This is the first of regular postings leading up to our 2011 debut show on February 4th. In the last article I talked about what exactly this blog is going to be about, now we're going to start getting into the nitty gritty of planning and advancement of our little show.

November attendance broke our non-Halloween record by selling 208 mother fucking tickets. This made me the happiest person in the world. It was a great show, had a ton of return audience members, and has taken the possibilities of what our cast can do to the next level.

But that was last month, and now we have work to do to make the next show even better. It may seem like a long time before Feburary rolls around, but it takes a lot of work to take my ridiculous ideas, and make them stage ready.

On the list of things to do are;
  • New presentation powerpoint to be played while the audience is being seated
  • New pre-show virgin game
  • Our very own Rocky anthem
  • A functioning tank prop
  • A transducer prop
  • My Eddie Vest 
The process of developing these things will be dutifully chronicled in this blog.

Also, we intend to be much more involved with the international Rocky community. I plan on scouring the internet and getting in contact with social Rocky groups from everywhere on the planet. We love what we do, I love other people that do it, and I would like nothing more than to have conversations with these people and exchange ideas.

Don't forget, there is a contest going on right now. If you comment on ANY of these blog posts between now and the February show, you will be entered to win free admission to the March and April shows (you also get to come on stage to accept your prize, which we assure you, will be a prize in and of itself, also only one entry per person, but you can comment as much as you wish, just no spam).

We are accepting new cast and crew members at all times! We are a rotating cast and no role is ever filled. Also, we always love more people helping out backstage with props lights and everything else. Plus if you are on cast, you get in for free! It's also an amazing time, ask any of us. Just look me (Fidel Reardon) up on facebook and shoot me a message with what you are interested in.

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Connection to the Rocky Horror Community

This page is for several people.

If you are a fan of our shadow cast that performs at the Egyptian Theater in Dekalb, Illinois, you are a different cast and are looking to contact/share ideas with us, or if you are starting a show and are looking for advice on how to get started.

Posted here will be information on how we started our cast, how our cast is managed, pre-show ideas/reviews, our advertising strategies, as well as how we design props/costume pieces.

Our next show is Nov. 19th (at the historic Egyptian Theater in Dekalb, Il., doors at 7, tickets are 10$), before then I hope to detail how we got our cast started, talk about what pre-show activities I'm going to use for this next show, as well as go over my costume pieces (I play Eddie).

Thanks, stay tuned,